Alanta Tarling |  19  |  British Beauty Blogger  |  London

Welcome to my beauty website.
I’m from London, which of course is in the United Kingdom. I’ve always been intrigued by makeup since I was so young, which my mum always though was weird because no one in my family wore makeup and I don’t have any sisters to be influenced by. But regardless, my mum respected my choice and bought my first eye liner, and every since then my addiction spiralled from there. I am a tiny bit obsessed with liquid and gel eye liner, and I’ll always be found with it on. My friend said “She’s not Alanta if she’s not wearing eye liner”, which I do agree with!
I love animals so much, owning pets from fishes, rabbits, cats, dogs and a hamster. What’s not to love with an animal that has unconditional love for you? I am the typical blogger who can be found drinking tea while snuggled up with my pets on the sofa.
As my makeup collection expands I thought it would be a great excuse to share, review and buy more products to review for my little audience! I do try to mix up my posts with some little tutorials and swatches on my Instagram account.
Basic Information About Me: 
Skin Tone: Light/fair toned skin, pink undertones with a few freckles. I find it very hard to tan, and most of the time I end up burnt.
Skin Type: Normal – Combination. I have a slightly oily T-Zone and chin, but the rest of my face is normal, apart from some dry patches on my nose and under my checks.
Hair Colour: Now I’ve been dying my hair since 2009 (I think) but my natural hair was a mousy brown, with some natural highlights. But I’ve bleached, killed and had all of my hair cut off so I’m now actually taking care of my hair. At the moment it is platinum white blonde. I’ve always dyed my hair at home, by my wonder mam.
Hair Type: My hair is rather thick and full surprisingly, despite how much damage I’ve put it through. It’s naturally straight, depending on if I blow dry it or not, if I don’t my hair has tiny kinks at the bottom. September 2013 I had my ‘arm pit’ length hair cut into a very short pixie cut. This was honestly the best choice I’ve ever made! My hair is now healthy, strong and so much more shinier! But I am trying to grow it back to a longer length.
Eye Colour: Aqua blue.
Eye Shade: Roundish – Almond.
My Favourite Makeup Look: A bold cat eye with some dramatic lashes and a natural glowing face!
My Favourite Brands: MAC, Bourjois, Benefit, MUA, Urban Decay, Kiko, and many more~